Natural Herbal tincture 30 day parasite cleanse

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ParaFy is our main parasite tincture and is specially formulated to target and cleanse a wide range of parasites and worms from the human body. This powerful blend of herbs has been expertly crafted using herbs known to support the body’s natural defenses while cleansing worms and parasites.

For the most thorough and gentle cleanse, we recommend using one of our carefully formulated ParaFy Kits. Our kits are designed to include every component that you will need for a successful cleanse.

Parafy KitSuper ParaFy Kit Nut Free ParaFy Kit

How our Parasite Cleanse Can Improve Your Health

Signs and symptoms of a parasite infection can often seem broad, random and unrelated. Symptoms ranging from headaches and brain fog, inflammation, acne and other skin problems, to digestion issues and sugar cravings can all too often lead people down the pathway of masking symptoms rather than finding and treating the root cause. 

ParaFy users report a vast array of improvements to their health, including but not limited to:

Reduced brain fog, better mental clarity and focus. Neurotoxins released by parasites can cause brain fog and poor memory, our parasite cleanse can help you regain memory function, improve your mental clarity, and even reduce headaches. 

Improved digestion, less sugar cravings, and better nutrient absorption. Gut health is a key factor in better overall health and well-being. Many cleansers report reduced gas and bloating as well as increased energy, which is directly related to the improved absorption of nutrients. Our support tincture, Red Artist, assists the cleansing process by replenishing important nutrients back into the body. Another commonly noted benefit is reduced sugar cravings. Parasites feed on sugar and can control your cravings to get what they want. When you are able to cut the sugar and better absorb the healthy nutrients from your food, you can experience stronger nails, healthier hair, clearer skin, and better overall health!

Stable mood and better sleep. Parasite infections are linked to a number of different mood and mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, for example. During your ParaFy cleanse, you may experience increased highs and lows, but you can look forward to more stability once you have effectively cleansed the parasites and toxins. Parasites are nocturnal, their high level of activity in the wee hours can cause inflammation leading to cortisol production – cortisol can shorten your sleep or cause your rest to be interrupted, leaving you tired and sleep deprived. 

Improved immune system function and respiratory health. Over time, parasites can weaken your immune system by tricking your body into thinking that the parasites pose no threat. This allows the parasites to settle in and can leave you vulnerable to other infections or illnesses. Some parasites live in the lungs and can result in respiratory issues like shortness of breath or lung pain. Once you have cleansed the parasites and worms with ParaFy, your respiratory health can recover and your body will be able to effectively absorb nutrients, strengthening your body and supporting healthy immune function..  

Reduced inflammation & skin irritations. Our skin is often an indicator of what is going on inside. When the body reacts to parasites and toxins, they can come out of our skin causing irritation, rashes, and even sores. Using a colon cleanse to open pathways prior to using a well formulated cleanse complete with a binder can help to ensure that these unwanted toxins exit in a more comfortable and controlled manner. Inflammation can also be caused by parasites and the toxins that they release, resulting in joint aches and pains. 


Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Raw Honey, Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, Hawthorn Berry, Clove, Garlic

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Natural Herbal tincture 30 day parasite cleanseNatural Herbal tincture 30 day parasite cleanse
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