Parasite Cleanse Protocols

ParaFy Cleanse Protocol

Gutty Pre-Cleanse Mucoid Plaque Drink Mix

  • Take 1 Gutty first thing in the morning for 3 days
  • Wait 4 days before starting the ParaFy Cleanse
  • Day 7 start ParaFy Cleanse

ParaFy Main Parasite Cleanse

Adult Dose: 15 drops ParaFy 3x daily. 15 drops Sustain 2x daily. 15 drops Metal Flush 3x daily.
Child Dose: 15 drops ParaFy 3x daily. 15 drops Sustain & Metal Flush 1x daily.
*Safe for ages 3+

  • Take thyroid medication and/or probiotic Wait 1 hour
  • On an empty stomach take 15 drops of ParaFy, Sustain, & Metal Flush (SHAKE BOTH BEFORE USE)
  • 30 minutes later take any other medications & supplements
  • 4 hours later take 15 drops ParaFy, Sustain & Metal Flush on an empty stomach
  • 4 hours later take 15 drops of ParaFy & Metal Flush on an empty stomach
  • Take Cinnabin at bed if having die-off symptoms

*if you take thyroid meds- take first thing then wait 45 mins to take probiotic

  • first thing on an empty stomach take probiotic (60 Billion)
  • 30 minutes later take medicine or supplements (including mushrooms)
  • 30 minutes later take parasite cleanse (papaya leaves/seeds optional)
  • 2 hours later take bentonite clay (mild die off) or activated charcoal (severe die off)
  • 2 hours later take parasite cleanse (only if cleanse calls for 4x a day)
  • 4 hours later take parasite cleanse (papaya leaves/seeds optional)
  • Before bed take magnesium

*DO NOT CONSUME more than 1 teaspoon of papaya seeds per day first thing in the am empty stomach*
This is a helper with a main cleanse please also add additional herbs to the papaya seed cleanse!


  1. Start with 1-2 seeds the first day to get an idea of any reactions
  2. AM on an empty stomach wait 1 hour after consumption to take any meds or supplement *except thyroid medication*
  3. Work your way up to the 1 tablespoon a day over the next 5 days
  4. Ideally you should make a smoothie -Parasite killing smoothie- see recipe below
  5. Papaya seed cleanse for 15 days break 5 days start again if needed

Break as needed listen to your body!

Always check with your physician also any reactions with medications or papaya seeds

Recommended dosage

Wormwood – 200 mg 3x a day
Black Walnut Hull – 250 mg 3x a day
Clove oil – 500 mg up to 4x a day
Garlic 3x a day
Oregano Oil – 500 mg 4x a day
Grapefruit Seed extract – directions on the bottle

You need to do a main cleanse every 3 months for a year if you see anything or feel different ie die offs

You also need to add other herbs to this cleanse to kill all parasites and worms you are bring them out of dormancy and they have life cycles 7-21 days of hatching we have over 300 different parasites that can live in the human body


  • Scoop out a tablespoon of seeds from a freshly cut papaya and add them to a good-quality blender. Now, add about a cup of sliced papaya to the blender. If you like, also add a cup of pineapple slices to this. Do not throw away the pineapple core as it is the main source of digestive enzymes that also have an anti-parasitic effect. The core also has a lot of fiber and will aid in cleaning the intestinal tract quickly.
  • Blend it all up with a cup of coconut milk or almond milk. The coconut is also known to be a good parasite remover and would increase the remedy’s effectiveness overall.
  • If you like the taste of spices in your smoothie, add around half a dozen fresh cloves. Make sure they are added along with the papaya seeds so that the blades of the blender grind them pretty well. The fresh cloves give the parasite eggs a hard time and help flush those out too along with the parasites.
  • Once all of these ingredients are added into the blender, blend them into a smoothie as per the consistency that you prefer. If it’s too thick, just add some water and blend it again.

Best way to have this smoothie:
Have it first thing in the morning before eating anything else.
Finish it in one go so that it is most effective.

Resource- credit

Papaya Seeds for Parasites Removal: How Many & How to Use?

*Freedom – kills parasites
*Cleanse – detox + regularity
*Restore – heals [gut] damage

Freedom: Take 2 capsules each morning with water on an empty stomach
Restore: Take 2 capsules mid-day before or after lunch
Cleanse: Take 2 capsules in the evening with water before going to bed

  1. Start out with 1 tsp mixed into 8 oz of water. Drink this either 1 hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. The goal is to have an empty stomach.
  2. Repeat this every day for ten days and increase your amount of DE slowly up to 2 tsp if you like.
  3. Once you hit ten days, take a break for seven days
  4. Then repeat again for 10 days. You may see some interesting stools being passed. Just a warning!

There are a few side effects you may experience when doing a parasite cleanse with DE.  

  • The first is some constipation, but drinking an extra glass of water after you DE drink can help with this.
  • Then, due to the parasite die-off, you can experience headaches, malaise, brain fog, and trouble sleeping. These side effects appear because when parasites die and detach from your intentional lining, they can release ammonia and nitrogen into your system. 

*The mimosa pudica gels around the large worms and slips them out with the stool.

My protocol was all on empty stomach..

  • A.M. I took paraguard (3 droppers-intense) mixed with water, then 2 mimosa pudica capsules
  • Middle of the day 3 droppers of paraguard only  
  • At night before bed,  3 droppers of paraguard with 2 mimosa pudica capsules  Did this for 4 weeks.
  • Took a week off
  • Started 2nd cleanse, this time with intestinal edge but done the same way as the first.
  • Worked just as good as paraguard in my opinion
  • Took 2 weeks off
  • Started 3rd cleanse, back to paraguard,  done the same way as other 2
  • Took activated charcoal when needed, if the die off was making me not feel well
  • 2 gram packet a day in 5 empty capsules size 00
  • Take for 3-6 days in the evening before bed 
  • Eat fat with the capsules example peanut butter crackers or peanut butter bread
  • Drink at least 8oz of water
  • Take a magnesium
  • In the am or mid morning take a binder

*2-3x a week

Foot Soak

  • 1/2-1 teaspoon for adults in hot water
  • Soak for 30 minutes 
  • Let water sit for 30 minutes then use flashlight while taking videos or pictures

 Bath Soak

  • 3-4 teaspoons for adults
  • Soak for 30 minutes
  • Let water sit for 30 minutes then use flashlight while taking videos or pictures

For Cryptosporidium:

  • Continue taking Berberine
  • Start taking Nitazoxanide 500mg twice per day for 3 days
  • Start taking Allicin SAP by Nutritional Fundamentals for Health 1 cap(s) 3x daily on full script
  • Start taking Grape Seed Extract 400mg by DaVinci Labs 1 cap(s) 3x daily on full script

For yeast overgrowth:

  • Start taking Nysatin (100,000 units/mL) 10mL (about 2 teaspoons) four times a day. Swish around your mouth for a few seconds and then swallow.
  • Start taking Saccaromyces Boulardii by Allergy Research Group 1 cap 3x daily between/away from when you take Nysatin. This will help crowd out the “bad yeasts” on fullscript.
  • After pharmaceutical treatment is finished, I recommend 1 sachet of Omnibiotic per day to repopulate your micro-biome.

To support digestion:

  • Start taking Pancreatic Enzymes 1000mg 1-2 caps with each meal (if 2 caps causes stomach pain then reduce to 1 cap with each meal) on fullscript

To reduce diarrhea:

  • Take coconut activated charcoal
  • Take high amounts of ceylon cinnamon powder 

For Giardia

  • Garlic extract (aka Allicin) can be helpful

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